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Monday, August 24, 2026

A Letter From the COMA Youth Wing President

Dear COMA Members,

The Central Ohio Malayalee Organization Youth Wing/Committee is a group of dedicated young people who want to develop themselves by connecting and helping to preserve the Malayalee roots that they have. We accomplish this goal by heading fundraiser events, volunteering both in and out of COMA, and helping in any way we can with the cultural events. One can earn service hours and invaluable real-world experience by being a part of our group whilst also helping out the Indian community (a gratitude of which is never really forgotten!).

We have just successfully completed our first year as an essential part of COMA, and as we begin our involvement in the 2nd year of our inception, I will continue to say what I said to parents last year about this rare opportunity. Please help your children by making them part of this group! Though we lacked any real logistical problems in our first year, to advance as group, we need more members! That is why I am beseeching the parents of children 12 years or older: DON’T MISS THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR PROGENY! I continue to be grateful that I am the lead coordinator/president of such a committed group of people and I know that our 2nd year will be a success!

Thanks and Regards,
Adithya Nair
President of the COMA Youth Committee

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Life Goes by So Fast

As a senior in high school, I often think about where my life has gone. I remember, when I was little, going to birthday parties and sleepovers, and living life without any care in the world.

Then came high school.... High School, while it is a place to enjoy your time with your close friends, is an important time to develop yourself as an individual. It is a time to define your passions, your like, your dislikes. As I've already reached pretty much the end of high school, I am talking about this from experience.

While in high school, you'll become a senior in a blink of an eye, and at that point, you need to start applying for college or doing whatever you wish to endeavor, and in order to do this, you need to define yourself as an unique individual. While this may sound hard, it is not hard, as long as you start as early as possible. The easiest way to develop yourself is to do extracurricular activities like band, track, swimming, tennis, or whatever you like to do. By doing this, you can develop a good circle of friends really quickly, while advancing your passions.

In the end, while you need to do a lot while in high school, make sure you enjoy your high school years, because once you leave, you'll have a lot on your hands before you can re-live those moments.